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BevNet Beaver Buzz Citrus

Beaver Buzz is the deliciously energizing, 100% Canadian creation of Double D Beverage Company.

Back in May 2005, the privately-owned, British Columbia-born DD Bev. Co. saw a need for a great tasting energy drink that Canadians could be proud to call their own, and Beaver Buzz was born! It became an instant hit, and today, Beaver Buzz can be found on shelves across Canada and the UK (as "Bulldog Buzz"), as well as on Amazon.com and Amazon.ca! It comes in three irresistible flavours (Citrus, Saskatoon Berry, and Green Tea), and remains a welcome salvation from its chemical-tasting, hard-crashing competitors.

Beaver Buzz tastes better, is made with better ingredients, and gives you a better buzz. Try it for yourself and you’ll see that it’s not just good...
it’s DAM GOOD!"