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Norman Potter Says - "Before discovering Beaver Buzz energy drinks I was bouncing from brand to brand trying to find a drink that both tasted good and gave me the energy to get through the day. I'm happy to say that a few years ago I found that drink, nothing beats reaching for a Citrus Beaver Buzz when I'm getting tired and still have work to do. Keep making delicious drinks you wonderful humans!"

Tiffany Hetenyi Says - "I have used this after a 12 hour night shift to kayak all day without sleep, excellent product. My dad however is the biggest fan. If a store does not have his saskatoon beaver buzz in the store, he will give a very long, very loud lecture to the cashier and never return to that store. He works shift work as well and drinks a saskatoon beaver buzz every night shift at midnight, it has become a very well known product at the mill, because once he has it, he gets a lot done. He probably would not survive if the 'saskatoon' was discontinued."

Dillon Morrison Says - "I got first place in beginners men's with a time of 2:24 and would have placed tenth in intermediate. I had my drink 30 mins before my race and felt energized and at the top of my game. ( see results on line for DH, supported by UROC) Thanks again for your support and hopefully one day we will see you at the island cup series."

Jesse St.Georges Says - "BEST E-DRINK HANDS DOWN!!! Absolutely can't get enough of your product!!! You guys are doing a dam good job! Red Citrus for life!!!"

Pauly Lacrosse Says - "Best energy drink on the planet bar-none! Been using it pre-game for the last three seasons, and am way more than happy. The only drink on the market that not only tastes great, but has zero crash and burn. Sustained energy, awesome flavors, no dehydrating feeling. The only energy drink worth drinking! Keep up the good work!!! Love it!"

Geordie Gallant (Calgary, AB) Says - "These drinks are awesome!! I have one before a long day at work and before a lengthy video game session in front of my PS3.....Great Product!"

Steve Hashimoto Says - "I'm a tournament fisherman, when I'm on the water all day baking in the sun, there is nothing better than an ice cold Buzz to keep you going though the day."

James Says - "There's no doubt in my mind that you make the best tasting energy drinks available. I started on Red Bull about 5-6 years ago until I decided to grab a Saskatoon Berry Beaver Buzz when I was buying gas. It's a serious damper when I go into stores and I'm forced to get anything BUT Beaver Buzz."

Susan & Sandra (www.beavertalk.com) Say - "We are two Canadian Beavers who love your product! We drink it regularily at our studio. It keeps us alert during our talk show! Thanks Beaver Buzz!"

Manon Cooke Says - "To whom it may concern, I just wanted to let you know that ur drinks are awesome. I tried several others and don't like the taste at all. They taste horrible. My boss gave me a Beaver Buzz one day and I was like wow, it was so refreshing, so very tasty and it gave me the energy that I so needed and the bonus part is that it also gets rid of my headaches everytime I have one. I work at a store that sells this product and I highly recommend it to everyone. Thanks again!"

Jake Hicks Says - "I'm an American currently in Winnipeg and as soon as I saw the word Canadian, I just knew I had to get it. It was really good, probably the best energy drink I've ever had. If only I had enough money to buy more to take back home."

A.M. Says - "I love Beaver Buzz! The Dam Good Berry is not only a good energy drink, but also one of the tastiest berry juices I have ever had! I don't even get other energy drinks anymore, it's all Beaver Buzz for me now!"

Outdoor Season Says - "Hello, I play for a Saskatoon based soocer team and I just wanted to let you know how great myself and my team think your drinks are. We have a case of it in the middle of the locker room before every game so we can get some ebergy. Your drink is the only drink that doesn't make us crash half way through the game. I think your drink is a huge part of our great season. Thx."

Greg Cheever Says - "Hello, I am just sending a message to say how great your product is. I live in the U.S. and whenever I come to Canada, right behind Wunderbars, Beaver Buzz is my favorite thing to get. My personal favorite is Saskatoon Berry which is fantastic and you don't really get a bad after taste like you do with a lot of other energy drinks. I just wish you guys sold in the U.S. so I could buy more haha. Keep up the good work."

Dave Redfern Says - "I just ordered the black t-shirt. I drive a black BMW motorcycle and I thought the shirt would be cool as in "cool". I'm looking at a 12.5 hour straight thru run to Ottawa here in a couple of weeks, I think the Buzz will be needed :)"

Robin Says - "I've tried almost all the energy drinks out there, and to date, the only ones that pass MY taste test are the Beaver Buzz ones. Some more than others, my favorite is the Green Tea. I just wish I could buy it by the flat."

D.C. Says - "This stuff is too good. I am addicted to the Beaver Buzz Black Currant. I need two in me by 9am everyday. I am thinking of starting a Beaver Buzz Anonymous for myself and other addicts."

Brandon Pyke (Ballers Paintball) Says - "They have a wide range of flavors for all walks of people. I have found that the pops have been a great hit with the older crowd. Thanks for keeping us up to speed against the competitors. P.S. Get the new Buzz Gear out here please!"

Dave Says - "Beaver BUzz is so frickin', I just walked an hour to the nearest 24 hour store at 3am in a blizzard (uphill both ways obviously) to buy some. It has the highest caffiene per unit volume (and price) of any other energy drink I can find. Awesome creation you guys!"

Nathan Brooks Says - "I have to say this stuff makes me proud to be Canadian. I was at work today when the Beaver Buzz truck came in to do a quick fax at my store. The driver gave me a sample and and it made the rest of the day fly by. I have been drinking energy drinks of all shapes, sizes and flavours for many years now."

Shawn Says - "Lovin' the Beaver Buzz!! I was already aware of Beaver Buzz when I came across the Iced Tea and Green Tea flavors. It was nice to have an energy drink without carbonation. Keep up the good work and I will keep up the drinking. Cheers!"

Shameen Prentice Says - "Freakin' Aweosme Drink People!!!! I;ve tried every energy drink available since they came to market big. probably 204-5ish. The Core Drink you have I found had the most caffiene/volume ratio on the market. I am a logger from Northern B.C. and I swear that your drink can get me home safe everytime."

Lemon Jim Says - "I no longer fall asleep in my cubicle thanks to Saskatoon Berry Beaver Buzz and the hot chick in the cubicle next to me loves Green Tea Beaver Buzz. You've created a Beaver Buzz Revolution and I am proud to say I buy the Dam stuff!"

Jen Says - "I've been drinking Beaver Buzz religiously for years. People in my company are convinced I own shares in Beaver Buzz. I need a little fridge & I'll be happy!"

Matt Hoedt Says - "Hey guys, I'm a big fan of energy drinks. Well, me and my friend Wayne were walking uptown one day and went to Shoppers Drug Mart and I seen the name and logo and just had to get it.. It turns out it's the best DAM thing on the planet. So, I start drinking it quite regularly, then I found Saskatoon Berry!"

Joshua Davenport Says - "This drink truly tastes like the nectar of the gods. One sip of the delicious Saskatoon Berry or Green Tea, takes me on a magical journey through the cosmos. What other drink can boast such claims? None, I say! Archangel St. Gabriel himself foretold of a drink that would provide bountiful energy to those who would praise the holy beaver and the sacred buzz it shall give. That drink is Beaver Buzz Energy!"

Megg L. Says - "Definitely love this drink. Especially the Saskatoon Berry Energy and the Green Tea ones - Always drink one on weekends when at work. I've also converted past Red Bull lovers to fellow Chronic_Beaver Buzz Drinkers. Love it!"

Bill Says - "Hi, I tried your Stripped Saskatoon Berry today and I can say it's the best energy drink I;ve tried, and I've tried most of them. Also got the Citrus and will give it a go tomorrow."

Jay Says - "Beaver Buzz has got to be the greatest energy drink I've ever had. One can and I'm alert. Two cans and I'm ready for anything. Great flavours, and I don't get a crash and burn feeling."

Curtis Says - "I have been drinking "The BUzz" since the first day it hit shelves here in Ontario. There is nothing better!!! It is the best tasting product on the market, and I have no doubt that I am perhaps "The #1 Fan" of The Buzz!!! Keep up the good work, I love this stuff!!!"

Anita & David Wilson Say - "My wife and I had out 9th anniversary this week and we spent the night playing Ultimate Disc. On the way there we had some Beaver Buzz, won the game and agree it is Dam Good!"

Nocholas Says - "I've been a big fan from the beginning and things just keep getting Dam better with these new flavours rolling out. I love the bigger cans and I've got the whole hockey team tossing them back. Keep up the good work!"

Kat Says - "The last time I was back home in Ontario I saw Beaver Buzz in Loblaws and bought it simply because I like supporting Canadian ideas. I bought a bunch of cans hoping it would be good, and man, it was Great!!! I wish I had more here!"

Mike Ingy Says - "An energy drink lover for years, now a dedicated Saskatoon Berry Drinker! Whether it's prior to hitting the gym or in the dressing room before I hit the ice, Beaver Buzz is my only pre-game ritual!"

Kevin Fry Says - "I love your drink especially for the fact that you guys are "100% Canadian owned and operated" and not to mention the DAM GOOD TASTE. Keep on keepin on beaver buzz corp."

Psycho Billie Says - "I was already a proud canadian, but Beaver Buzz gave me one more reason. I love the Canadian Beaver Buzz. keep up the Dam Good work."

Karter Ashworth Says - "Beaver Buzz has a taste that is DAM GOOD ypu could drink 2 red bulls and it woulden't be near beaver buzzes 188mg of caffine and that is just in the 355ml Canadians make stronger Beer AND ENERGY DRINKS so grab a beaver and get your buzz on!!!! Love your all natural Beaver Soda."

Brenda G. Says - "I am 100% addicted to my Beaver Buzz. I've been using the green tea buzz now for about 2 years now, but recently tried the black currant energy and have been drinking 2 cans a day since, It's amazing stuff. I don't know what I would do without my buzz. Thanks for a great canadian product."

Jason Says - "I have been drinking Saskatoon Berry Beaver Buzz for almost two years to get me though my physically demanding job. It keeps my brain sharp too."

Nick MaCrae Says - "Was going shopping and the standout colours of the Beaver Buzz Citrus Energy caught my attention (also noticed only 2 left in stock). Looked over the can and just becasue it was made by Candians for Canadians, I had to try it. Also it had high taurine and caffeine content so I hoped it would give..."

Hazen Peabody Says - "Got introduced to the Buzz from a buddy who moved back from out west.Being a truck driver I've tried every drink on the shelves...They all taste like crap.Thank god for the Buzz, greatest tasting drink on the market by far.It really works,keep on Buzz'n."

PJ Says - "DAM, this stuff sounds good! I wish I could get this down here in New Zealand... 5 months 'til I'm in Canada to visit. I'll make a point of trying every flavour while I'm there! GO CANADA!"

Leisha Says - "What a fantastic product, myself and my fiance are Saskatoon Berry Beaver Buzz Fans, but today Richard and Andrew offered me a sample of the Buzz Green Tea, all I have to say is people............you are in for a big hit, its the best product ever, I am proud my company is promoting such a great..."

Mae Hemm Says - "Buzz Green Tea is sold where I work, and it keeps me a Buzzin' during night shifts. I swear it gives me an edge in those FPS's."


Ed Solmes Says - "I drink it all the time. it's "Dam Good" that you brought out a new flavour. I've tried them all, it's hard to decide which one to buy half the time. Keep up the great work!!! I look forward to new product that you'll bring out. Thanks. -Ed"

Kelly Berry Says - "Hi Guys, Kelly Berry here from Hamilton Ontario...My boyfreind for an ice breaker bought me some Saskatoon Berry Beaver Buzz. It was awesome and I told everyone at work. Now they always see me and say Berry got some Saskatoon Berry Beaver Buzz and got her Beaver Buzzed. Keep up the great work!! Kelly Berry Ha..."

Ryan Says - "Best DAM drink out there. Me and my buddy have over 100 different cans collected and the only one that sticks out is a good old BIG Buzz. Keep up the good work."

Jodie Says - "I love your Buzz Green Tea!! Your drinks are by far the best energy drinks on the market!! The fact that your a Canadian company is icing on the cake! Dam Good baby, Dam Goooood...."

Brian Smith Says - "This Stuff Is Great! I Buy At Least Two Of The "Big Buzzes" Every Day! Keeps Me Awake All Day Long During My Classes! So My Advice To All You Adrenaline Junkies Out There... Get Your Buzz On With Beaver Buzz Cause Its That DAM GOOD!"

Ashley Engelhardt Says - "This is by far the best energy drink on the market. I love the taste, I have tried almost all of them and they are the first and only I go to grab from the store. They don't have that odd after taste and they give me an awesome energy buzz. I would even drink them without the "energy" jolt as wel..."

Stacy Says - "Hey my friend and I saw ur beverages for the first time only a few weeks ago and we bought every flavour they had because we loved the label so much. We felt it would be wonderful for Canada day. I have to say there is a lot of energy drinks on the market that I dont enjoy but I was really impres..."

Levi Lamash Says - "BVR BUZZ!!! citrus is the best tasting drink on the planet!! I start every workday with one If you guys gave me a supply of beaver buzz I would love to put giant beaver buzz decals all over my car to help you guys take over the energy drink market as the rightful kings!"

K Says - "I love Beaver Buzz, taste great and always works."

Derek Cann Says - "Fellow black current lovers lobby to get it back!!!!!! we want black current!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Shane Van Rensen Says - "It's the only energy drink brand I'll buy from now on, and if the store doesn't have them, I won't even buy another brand. The flavours are powerful and different from the competition. Supporting a Canadian drink has never been so awesome."

Kim Schug Says - "All I can say is when I start work at 5:00 in the morning Beaver Buzz is a life saver! I drink one can on my drive to work and all of a sudden my body feels like its 12:00 in the afternoon. And I got this product because of the look of the can!!! Now I cant stop! Thank you Beaver Buzz."

Bailey Says - "I'm not a fan of energy drinks, and I don't usually like the taste of them, but I desperately needed something to help me stay awake during exams. I saw Beaver Buzz on the shelf, and decided to try it, to see if us Canadians could make a good eneregy drink. I LOVE this product, and will never..."

Cody Kerry Says - "I live for the Saskatoon Berry. can't get enough of it.... DAM GOOD is right."

Lisa Says - "Your business model is amazing; more nutritionally conscientious choices coupled with simply higher standards for taste... and you're so close to home! I'm proud to support your company and recommend your products."


James Cameron Says - "I love Beaver Buzz. Every flavour is awesome! I just tried the New Buzz Green Tea today and it was awesome too!"

Kevin Usher Says - "Just found this today at 7-11. The "No HFCS" logo caught my attention as me and my family avoid that crap. I bought all 3 flavours of your 100% Natural Soda and we are hooked. This soda is amazing. I am a long time soda drinker and I watched all the best sodas get destroyed by HFCS, but you have..."

Mitchell Jorgensen Says - "I have to start my HS classes at 7:30 am and this stuff is the best energy drink on the market. I no longer am sleeping in the first two periods and my grades have improved."

Brittany Says - "First of all - well done! That pretty much sums it up! I'm a dance instructor and literally can not get enough of your product, it keeps me going the whole night! Every time a new product comes out I am shocked that you can make it even better than the previous one!Thanks again for your amazing..."

Rider Nation Says - "Improved my golf game by at least 5 strokes per round."

Reuben Says - "My next door neighbour one day as I was walking by gave me a couple of Buzz cans. Now I cant get enough of em'. I use them before I start work for a production line building "drill core boxes". This drink gives me a wicked edge on building that blows all the other workers out of the water! lol..."

Nathan Says - "I just looked on your site again after a summer away from Buzz energy. I tried everything in Europe, and man, nothing Compares! You've got some new Drinks!! The innovation that you guys are rocking is amazing. I was gone two months, and there's two new Drinks. Now you've got most of the Canadia..."

Jess Says - "I absolutely worship, WORSHIP the BUZZ Green Tea!!! I feel great after drinking it, as opposed to most energy drinks that feel like a lead weight in my stomach!"

Seematter Andreas Says - "Best Energy Drink I have ever had."

Scott Says - "O.K. Well first off its amazing since it's Canadian and second I have a story about it...every one knows the BIG Buzz, how the strong ass beaver is snapping a hockey stick above his head. Well what happened is crazy...I was sharing this drink with a friend b4 one of my hockey games and that game..."

Mike Says - "Yeah hoo!I have to get on the big beaver wagon too.I two gulp one of these before my shift at work and my energy pedal is to the floor in minutes.Thanks for being Canadian eh !cheers from the maritimes!"

Michael Bowen Says - "My fav by FAR! I drink one everyday! best taste and value! thanks for the beaver!"

Kevin Kincade Says - "Ever since my first post I've been endorsing this stuff its prime! I even got a local store to start carrying some, now this stuff is so popular because its DAM GOOD and DAM CANADIAN."

Dawson W. Says - "I cant get enough of the the Dam stuff, it helps me get through the day... not to mention the great taste. I've tried every flavor, with no let downs on taste. Its Dam Good!"

Svein Sjoen Says - "I'm a huge fan of the non-carbonated energy drink green tea. I would love it if you had more. It's not too sweet, and very refreshing.I see the red bull one around, but I love not-carbonated drinks so much better."

Mark Says - "Picked this up while on business in Halifax and WOW...just WOW. I'm an energy drink junkie and i've tried everything, this just put the whole market to shame."

Amber Reed Says - "I tried Beaver Buzz because of it's sweet name, and WOW! it rocked my world! It's delicious, the best energy drink i've tried!keep the stuff coming guys!!"

Jenn Says - "I am quitting smoking and fighting fatigue as a result. A can off Buzz Green Tea shakes the tiredness right off in the morning and I am good to go for the rest of the day. Tastes so good too, not chemical soup like so many other energy drinks."

Cat Says - "I was shopping at Coopers today and saw Buzz Green Tea....tried some other energy drinks and didnt like the syrupy taste.....yours is great and Canadian...good going people...."

Warren Hickman Says - "I just wanted to extend my personal thanks to your sirs, for bringing an excellent product to the market that I enjoyed immensely! I've been hearing adds for your drinks on the Team1040 here in Vancouver and decided to try it today because a good friend of mine rates Beaver Buzz far above Red..."

Mike Says - "I'm drinking the Iced Tea flavour right now and like all the others it tastes great. I've recommended Beaver Buzz to friends and they've all told me that the taste and energy kick beat other energy drinks available. Dam good job!"

Steven Cameron Says - "Totally blows everything else out of the water, i used to drink red bull and all those other generic tasting drinks, till I tries Beaver Buzz for the first about 2 years ago, ive never gone back, plus its always good to support canadian companies, especially yours. Keep up the awesome work guys."

Alysia Says - "I absolutely HATE the taste of energy drinks and the nasty pasties you get from most of them. Then I came across your product in 2005. The can made me laugh, so I thought I would give it a try and lo and behold - it tasted freaking amazing. I was an instant convert. Each new flavour you come..."

Justin Says - "BEST DAM ENERGRY DRINKKKK, Canada Knows how to throw down...can I say BIG AIR KIRBY BEAVER BUZZZZZZZ"

James G. Says - "I'm drinking a Beaver Buzz right now and it's by far the best energy drink on the market! The variety of flavours is great and not to mention it's almost half the price of the competitors. It also really works well."

Nick Laugher Says - "I've got to say that Chronic Energy is one of the most delicious and easily drinkable beverages I've ever come across and I've pretty much lived on it all summer. Keep up the great work."

Michael Choate Says - "I rode a bike (that is a bicycle, not a motorcycle) from Austin, Texas to Anchorage, Alaska with a group called Texas 4000 for Cancer.(www.texas4000.org) We were raising money for cancer research and spreading hope and knowledge about the horrible disease. It was a rough ride and I was starting..."

Buzz Lover Says - "Beaver Buzz is the best!!! I love that it's Canadian and all the flavours are good. I love the small cans but the big ones are also awesome. Keep up the good work, guys!"

Stetson Short Says - "Nothing else than wooo for Canadian Beaver Buzz!!.....I have one everyday for lunch at school since I go to the store and man you guys should make much more kinds!!"

John Says - "This is hands down, no contest, without a doubt my new favorite line of energy drinks! At first I tried it because I was a bit patriotic but as soon as I tasted the sweet flavor that reminds you of other great energy drinks but seems to have brought it to the next level... I was hooked!"

Chris R. Says - "Hey, Buzz Just letting you know I love your drinks and appreciate that you take steps to make your drinks taste amazing, unlike other companies."

Dominik Image Says - "Our family was first introduced to your fine drinks last summer while we were attending the Heavy Events competition at the Highland Games in Coquitlam, BC. From that day on we have been hooked! We have one drink almost daily and are big fans of the Green Tea and Pink Energy flavors! Thanks fo..."

Mark W. Says - "The Beaver Buzz Green Tea and Iced Tea are where I roam. Livin' on the prairies is a high octane adventure filled with spontaneous life lessons fueled by poor insight. Sometimes a non-carbonated kick in the ass helps me get the business done."

David Beck Says - "I work shift work and now on a 4pm-midnight one, so by the time I'm up and moving coffee just doesn't go that well in the afternoon for me, so at the store I saw your product and was taken by the cool design and natural ingredients,though in the past I have never enjoyed or had luck with "energy drinks"..."

Chris Says - "I work in the oil/gas industry. There is very little sleep and the work can be dangerous. Beaver Buzz keeps me ALIVE. Thanks."

Ron Says - "I love Beaver Buzz and it gets me awake in the morning when I go snowboarding and it keeps me awake at night when I'm still snowboarding. I think that it is the greatest Energy Drink in the WORLD!!!"

Erik Olufson Says - "I've tried just about every energy drink at least once and beaver buzz is the only one that I continue to buy. Thanks for making the best tasting, most powerful, and highest quality energy drink out there!"

Dan Derksen Says - "I first tried the Citrus Energy when you guys first started up. Loved it. Then you released Saskatoon Berry and I don't think I've ever loved a carbonated drink so much. And now recently, you've blessed planet earth with Chronic Energy. That purple can is the most pleasant flavor to hit my tongue..."

Bo Kinney Says - "Awesome, Canadian Beaver Buzz in a can. I can't get enough of this Dam drink!"

Megan Says - "Hi! I just discovered "Pink Energy" at the Superstore here in Ontario, and it's the best thing ever!!! I'm a nursing student and need all the energy I can get - this helps me wake up for a 7am hospital shift so much more than coffee -- and the best part is 0 calories! I'm such a fan I've told a..."

Josh MC Says - "Bring Beaver Buzz to GA (USA), I want to try/buy it."

Karen Says - "Great drink ... been lovin' it for the drive home in the afternoon. Gotta tell ya the first time I tried the Ice Tea ... hopped outside to shovel a parking spot on the street ... looked up & i had enough room to park 5 cars!! *laughing* GREAT!!"

H. Breckles Says - "I was introduced to Beaver Buzz at our annual family reunion called Cranstock on the August Long weekend by Paul Cranney of Barrie... I am not a big energy drink fan but I did enjoy the taste of the Saskatoon Berry, with no after taste. Our daughter tried the retro Cola and loved it, I like the fact that..."

Krista Says - "This is the best DAM drink ever made! They all taste good!"

Mark Moffatt Says - "I ran into James with the Beaver Buzz promotional truck today, he was very friendly and gave me a sample of the Beaver Buzz product, which I now love! Thanks James and Beaver Buzz for being so cool!"

Alain Rioux Says - "We had Beaver Buzz for the guys during Strongman Challenge weekend in Dubreuilville and they really enjoyed it. Hope to have you guys again next year."

Josh Dickie Says - "I love energy drinks! And I was always looking for a energy drink that tastes good! and this is it! This company makes the best energy drinks ever! I tried lots of drinks and none of them are like DAM GOOD Beaver Buzz! I love to snowboard and sometimes I way too tired to get up and go, but when I..."

Candice Johnson Says - "I love Beaver Buzz!!! I work night shifts and would not make through the night without it."

Zachary Haughn Says - "Beaver Buzz is by far the greatest thing to ever come to our planet. If by some devine miracle, two amazing drinks had a superpowered,energy filled drink-baby, Beaver Buzz would be that drink. Simply the best. You would be crazy not to drink it."

Bammer Says - "I'm hooked on the Buzz! I have Beaver Buzz to thank for successfully winning the war on A.D.D. One small sip at a time! Thank-You Beaver Buzz, for being there, Bam I gotta run I'm getting teary."

Scott Says - "O.K. Well first off its amazing since it's Canadian and second I have a story about it...every one knows the BIG Buzz, how the strong ass beaver is snapping a hockey stick above his head. Well what happened is crazy...I was sharing this drink with a friend b4 one of my hockey games and that game..."


PJ Says - "DAM, this stuff sounds good! I wish I could get this down here in New Zealand... 5 months 'til I'm in Canada to visit. I'll make a point of trying every flavour while I'm there! GO CANADA!"

Dwayne Says - "Just saw your Beaver Soda in a local store. Bought all 3 and have to say... You never miss when you drive a new product."

Stevan Prochnicki Says - "I love the Saskatoon Berry, sooo good, it's a must have in my day, even better now that it's in a way bigger can, awesome work!!"

Aaron Says - "Whether it's at the lake shreding some ice with my iceracerat, the track taking a checkerd flag in my roadracer or at the field lighting up the opposing players with my paintball team. BEAVER BUZZ keeps me BUZZING all the way to victory.. You guys rock! Thanks for the best DAM STUFF on the market!"

Kyle Harrison Says - "If this is of any indication: I start each of my work days with a nice cold can of Big Buzz, either Core Energy or Chronic Energy. Its not an addiction, its a necessity in my diet. No other energy drinks can top it, and ive tried them all. No joke. it literally is, that DAM good, and i act..."

Dawn Says - "I am a Beaver buzz junkie! My faves are the Iced Tea and Green Tea...they taste awesome (not gross like the other drinks out there)I love that they are not carbonated. It's my morning coffee fix since I don't drink coffee...keep up the good work."

Joe Harven Says - "The best drink in the world."

Edmond N Says - "Dude your drink seriously rocks! Especially the Green Tea drink! I drink it every-time before a test and I ROCK IT TO THE MAXXX!!"

Twisted Canuck Says - "I'll go with 'Dam Good'! Works for me...zoom zoom without the Mazda!"

Michael Mancebo Says - "I was introduced to Beaver Buzz while on a presentation trip in calgary. WOW. I am so hooked. I have had friends of mine ship it, I bring them back whenever I get to Canada, and most recently, I had a friend bring me back 24 cans while driving back 17 hours. I call them Liquid Crack!!! Saska..."

Curtis Pope Says - "I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know I don't think I'm capable of doing my on air shift with out a Beaver Buzz. I think I could be addicted , but that�s ok with me . I love the product and the marketing is what brought me in , I saw the can , the name and the Dam Good at the bottom..."

Ron Says - "I love Beaver Buzz and it gets me awake in the morning when I go snowboarding and it keeps me awake at night when I'm still snowboarding. I think that it is the greatest Energy Drink in the WORLD!!!"

Danny Sveinson Says - "Insane taste, no crash and badass labels (Black Currant kills the other energy drink cans with it's menacing black and white look.). Keep on rocking in the free world."

Patcho Says - "Dam Good stuff.. keeps me going when I'm running low..while bmxing."

Edna Says - ""Buzz Green Tea" great stuff. I like uncarbonated drinks."

Deron Staffen Says - "I just tried your Buzz Cola. The cola is delicious! A great change of pace from Coke. Keep up the good work."

Jeff & Darryl Say - "During our days at work, we consume a rediculous amount of Beaver Buzz.It is by far the smoothest tasting beverage EVER!Beaver Buzz is our Life. P.S. we will be submitting a photo of empty consumed beverages shortly!"

Coulson Boothe Says - "I just gotta say that Beaver Buzz is the best drink, let alone energy drink, that I have ever had. EVER! My karate team is going to Norway in the summer for an international tournament and we have Beaver Buzz before rigourous trainings, and the Beaver has become our mascot! Thank you Beaver Buzz!"

Bill Foley Says - "Just to let you know... I just returned from a road trip to Calgary and tried several of the Beaver Buzz drinks. I think they have more energy than anything I've ever tried. And they're really delicious (quality ingredients, no high fructose, etc.). You'll have a loyal drinker if here in..."

Fred Smith Says - "I've always hated energy drinks mainly because because all i tried was redbull but on one of my friends was like try this and i was like WOW that's amazing!! and now i'm hooked!!!"